Huelshoff, Thomas


Born in 1953

1972 – 1978           Study of Medicine at the University of Cologne,

1979                     MD.

1979 – 1980            Physician in the pediatric clinic Solingen.

1980 – 1982            Research assistant at the University of Cologne, Faculty of Education

1982 – 1986            Physician in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Children’s Hospital Wuppertal.

1984 – 1986            Training as a systemic family therapist (Weinheim).

Since 1986,             Professor of Social Medicine at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences NRW, Department Muenster, Department of Social Work

1992/93                  Training in anthropology

Since 1999              practice-based research projects, mainly in Clinical Social Work

Since 2007              member of the editorial board of the journal ‘Participation’, Marburg/Germany

Author of 4 textbooks and editor of several textbooks


Research Interests
Clinical social work; experiences of illness and disease management in socio-cultural contexts; cross-cultural competence in systemic family work and family therapy; inclusion of people with disabilities; bio-psycho-social basics of emotions and emotional disorders


Research Area(s)
Europe (Germany)



Monographs and Edited Volumes

2012. ‘Emotion. An introduction for counseling, therapeutic, educational and social professions’. 4th, revised. Munich/Basel: UTB / Reinhardt.

2011. ‘Basic medical knowledge for Social Work’. Munich/Basel: UTB / Reinhardt.

2010. ‘Medical basics of incusive education’. 2 revised edition. Munich/Basel: UTB / Reinhardt.

2008. ‘The brain. Functions and loss of function. An introduction for care, social, educational and health professionals’. Third, completely revised and enlarged edition. Bern u.a.: Huber.

2007. (Redmann, V.; Goldbach, M. Fliess, B.; Huelshoff,Th.) ‘Living with Diabetes. A Guide for Diabetics with intellectual disabilities and their relatives’. Freiburg: Lambertus.

2006. (Dohr, M., Huelshoff, Th. Et. Al. (Eds.)) ‘Disease as a challenge. Practical projects in Clinical Social Work’. Aachen: Shaker.

2004. (ed.) ‘New experiences. Educational and recreational activities for people with disabilities’. Freiburg: Lambertus.

Chapters in Edited Books

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