Bruchhausen, Walter


Studies in medicine (Dr. med. 1991), religious studies (Dipl. Theol. 1993), Philosophy of medicine/Health care ethics (M. Phil. 1990) and cultural anthropology (no degree) at the universities of  Bonn, Würzburg, and Glasgow. Medical work in Germany (Surgery 1990-1992 and 1994-1995, general practice 1997-1999), Rwanda (District health care, 1995-1996) and East Congo (Humanitarian Aid, 1996-1997). Research and teaching in History, Anthropology and Ethics of Medicine since 1997 at the universities of Bonn (habilitation 2004) and Aachen (changed habilitation 2013); speaker of the working group Ethnomedicine/Medical Anthropology at the Institute of Medical History Bonn (since 2000); field research in south-eastern Tanzania (2001-2002); German Africa Award 2008 (Academia); national research grants for projects on the relations between medicine and religion (2007-2009) and on German development cooperation in health (since 2013); locum for the chair 2008-2010; responsible for Global Health Education in Bonn and Aachen. Organization of conferences on humanitarian aid, religion and medicine, development co-operation in health, doctor-patient-relationship, the development of philosophical medical anthropology, and health care in Africa. ERASMUS faculty co-ordinator for medicine in Bonn (since 2006), member of the ethical committees for research and for clinical care; reviewer for various foundations, journals and universities.

Research Interests

Medical pluralism; health care in Africa; development co-operation in health; cross-cultural medical ethics; religion and medicine; global health

Research Area

East Africa (Tanzania); China (historical studies only)