October 1997 / Frankfurt

Biannual DGV Meeting 1997, Frankfurt: “The Thing”

Panel of the Work Group “Medical Anthropology” on 10 October 1997: “Research Perspectives and Professional Fields of Medical Anthropology in Germany”

I. Why Medical Anthropology and not Ethno-medicine?

  • Viola Hörbst: basic theses and expansion of his 1980s model 
  • Gabi Alex: Medical Anthropology in the Anglo-American world

II. Research perspectives of Medical Anthropology

  • Angelika Wolf: National health politics and socio-cultural factors in health care in Malawi using the example of AIDS

III. Professional fields and areas of application of Medical Anthropology

  • Viola Hörbst: Migration and medicine: report about the work of the Bavarian Centre for Trans-cultural Medicine 
  • Angelika Wolf: Teaching in classes for nursing, counseling, therapy and medicine