AG Medical Anthropology

Seminar (following announcements):

Current Research in Medical Anthropology and Cultural Epidemiology

Wintersemester 2006/07

PD Dr. Brigit Obrist, Prof. M. Weiss (
Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel


This course prepares and supports PhD students and advanced MSc/MA students in Anthropology, Social or Cultural Epidemiology or a related discipline who have an ability and motivation to undertake and complete their own research projects. The course aims at increasing the critical reflection of projects from a disciplinary and an interdisciplinary perspective, deepening the understanding of key concepts and approaches, sharpening the analytical skills and engaging the students in current debates. It focuses on theory and methodology, exposes students to a wide variety of concepts and approaches relevant for contemporary problem solving in international health research. The choice of thematic areas and topics is tailored to particular research interests and needs of the participants.